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The DMR goal is simple: To provide sound and viable technology solutions backed by the highest possible standard in technical support.

As a Dell Certified Enterprise Architecture Partner, we offer the latest in Dell innovations and technologies to the local market. From PC hardware and servers, to data storage and networking solutions, we offer confidence in the Dell brand, backed by the DMR difference.

Our IT sales and services include:

  • Dell enterprise servers and storage
  • Virtual Desktop Computing
  • PC Sales
  • Network design
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Custom application systems development
  • Patented air blown microduct fiber solutions

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Updated Office Hours

Effective May 27, 2020, DMR Business Hours are by appointment only.

Contact us, or call 671-647-3675 to schedule.

Dell Hardware Support

As a Dell enterprise solutions partner, DMR provides full service support for Dell equipment. If you need equipment repair, please contact us. We provide warranty and non-warranty service. Labor and/or parts fees may apply, depending on the warranty coverage.

Follow these steps for Dell equipment service

  • Locate Service Tag Number
  • Where do I find this?

    We will use this number to determine warranty coverage. This number tells us the Dell region for warranty coverage, and the expiration of the warranty period.

  • For government clients, provide Purchase Order reference, if available.
  • Having the PO reference handy will help expedite the process, but is not required to make a service call. We'll do the research if the purchase order number is not available.

  • Contact DMR Service
  • Call our tech support line at 671-300-9000, or email [email protected] Please have the above information available.

    Can I still have my computer serviced if I didn't buy it from DMR?